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Natasha non padded bra

Two things I look for when I'm going to be spending are customer service and credible advice.

I'd been wandering around with pains around my chest and my back for a fair while now, having been given bad and incorrect advice from a previous bra fitting. It's crazy to see how the right bra can make an outfit look better and even a small adjustment to the bra can give you that needed support. It's also really important to be wearing the correct size. This enables everything to sit correctly and not cause any unwanted pain.

I asked how often you should get a bra fitting and was told lightly- pretty much with every new bra. The fittings take roughly ten minutes and you can normally just walk in. Plus its free! It's worth getting them done every few weeks as even small amounts of weight loss could change your size. Plus if you're growing or even trying a completely different style/wiring. The only downside is chucking all my beautiful old bras... cry as I have some gorgeous sets.

I was suggested a 36D in my previous fitting. As I was very naive and uneducated, I had no idea how wrong that was and when it came to sizing what it meant e.t.c. Most people are wearing the wrong size and just get used to thinking that it's correct.

However, I recently purchased the beautiful bra above within the set in Boux Avenue's Bath store. I have first and foremost never had such wonderful and friendly service to even compare.

I had a full fitting, which is not something you should put off, as your size can marginally change with each type of bra you choose. I was offered Boux Avenue PJ shorts to wear if I liked-whilst being fitted. I also got to choose tons of bras to try on and had everything explained to me perfectly. It's a great chance to work out what styles suit you best and ditch what most people are wearing- the wrong bra.

I was only tempted to have a fitting after one of the sales assistant's mentioned that she thought I was buying completely the wrong size. This was just from a glance of looking at me and the bra. I was in fact a 30F or 32E as the "sister size".

Read all about their welcoming bra fitting service and a guide to how you can check for yourself how your bra is looking here: Bra service 

I'd highly recommend getting a quick fitting before splurging on a load of new bras!

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