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Mini break in Madrid

A mini break in May...
Stayed: 3 nights

The occasion: My amazing boyfriend's 21st Birthday!

Where we stayed.

The suite was modern, stylish and comfortable. We were in the prime location to get around the city too. 
Located in: Gran Via 80/

Notes: The roof-top bar/Nice to meet you sky lounge is a must, with breathtaking views and tasty cocktails.
Best bits of the room
  • The view
  • The bathroom
  • The slippers, robe & bed.

Image taken from the Dear Hotel Website.

Visit the Dear Hotel gallery here: Gallery

The view was exceptional and architecturally impressive.

I did a little bit of shopping for the sunshine. I'm in love with my Miu Miu sunnies- featured wearing in the first image.

On the first night, we chose delectable tapas, only a five or so minute walk away from the hotel. They have the best house white wine too.

  • Learn some Spanish before visiting, as the less touristy parts can prove some miss-communication.
  • Save, save, save. We had the most incredible time but the food, in particular, was quite pricey regardless of where you visit.

 The Palace is a must, with a picturesque walk around the gardens, stand out buildings, fountains and the perfect pit stops for food and drink.

Above is the Prado National museum, it contains floors and floors of stunning statues, paintings and trinkets. Voted one of the tops things to visit in Madrid.
Notes: It's paid entry of around 15 Euros each.
You could spend a whole afternoon here- perfect for art and history lovers!

We had the most marvellous time in Madrid, with the weather hot (although one night of heavy rain). You must visit Platea for food and drinks. This was one of my top memories here, with multiple floors of different cuisine, entertainment and atmosphere.

It's extremely romantic, with plenty to see and do. I'll definitely be re-visiting and would recommend a week here. The metro was the best way of hopping around the sites too.


Relaxing evening scents

1) Neal's Yard Remedies, Goodnight pillow mist. £15

The combination of de-stressing scents will be sure to give you a good night's sleep. The lavender is calming, the vetiver relaxing and acts as a deeper and more earthy scent. Check out the website to discover the extra nourishing fruity oils and scents. Beautiful and organic ingredients have been compacted into the little bottle of luxury for the bedroom.

This has become an essential before bed-time, spritzing around two pumps around the room and a couple onto the pillow. I'm quite the restless sleeper and this has made a pre-sleep impact in relation to unwinding.

2) The White Company Winter candle. Around the £20 mark (collection)

This is the perfect addition in the Winter, I ask for it every Christmas as the smells evoke pure festivity to me. This candle is extremely warming, with citrus and spicy scents. The cinnamon and clove balance out the orange. The ideal candle to light whilst snuggled up. The White Company have an amazing range of candles, so be sure to check out their website or in store for ideas during the whole year.

3) Roasted Chestnut Candle, Next.

I unfortunately couldn't find this candle online. However, I think this is now my ultimate favourite evening scent. I'm not normally a fan of vanilla, but this candle is sweet, rich and very opulent. This pairs with the beautiful packaging. I'd recommend seeing if you can find this in store or on sale.


*Tymo London- a present for all.

This was taken from the Tymo London website.
Tymo is a very sensory brand with positive connotations in regards to mental well-being. I was intrigued by the variety of patterns and quality of the material instilled in their products. You can find out more about their passion for design and development on their site. I enjoyed the fact that from the start to the end product, it is all finalised in the UK. They are also based in London!

I was kindly send this bright, geometrical style cushion from Tymo.

I've placed it with the grey colour scheme in my living room.

Top things to know about this product.
  • The cushion is vintage silk 'shibori' which is a painstaking Japanese tie dye method that gives those soft tactile dimples. 
  • The backing and lining are also vintage kimono fabrics.
  • This cushion works for both male, female, the designer- anyone in your life that enjoys vibrant interior. It's great to teem with more neutral tones and I have paired it with grey.
Shop online here and see the collections, there's something for all and a great one off present this Christmas.